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Ask the Professional Scotsman - The Scottish Trading Company - Q&A
Hi Mac. My ggf's name is Powrie and I think he was from Perth or Glasgow. Could you please tell me what clan and tartan would be used. Thanks?
My ancestor is Henry Rae, b 1767, Thornton, Fife. I am trying to determine what the appropriate Tartan would be. Thank you kindly.?
What tartan is the model wearing for the stole at $54.99 under womens apparel? I'd like to order that particular one.?
I am a descendant of James Jacob Hamilton, Jr. (brother of Alexander Hamilton.). I come from a very long line of Hamilton aristocracy stretching back through Mary, Queen of Scots to William the Conqueror. May I wear Hamilton Tartan?
What clan are the rennies from?
I am looking for the Crest for the McClear family?
Do Shannon's have. Tartan or a color?
I'm a Fraser. I'm looking for options in bonnets, preferrably Fraser plaid. any guidance?
I'm trying to find the tartan for Locher. Do you have any information that would help me?
What is the tartan color for the name Black?
I am wearing my Prince Charlie with black bow tie to the symphony in America (for Scottish Night). Is it appropriate to wear headwear? Thanks.?
Ross, what clan?
My family, Osborne, was a sept of clan Boyd. Would Osbornes have their own tartan, or would they wear the tartan of the clan of which they were a sept of?
What does the McRae or the MacRae tartan look like?
Hello, What tartan? My mother was Wallace and my father McIntyre.?
What is the proper wear for the woman of the Lamont Clan?
my last name is Gilliland,I am from Ohio in the U.S.A. I am trying to find out which tartan would be correct for me. I have found connections to both clan mcnab and clan macellen (sp)?
My husbands last name is Goldie/Goldy what sect or clan does he belong to?
I want a very nice quality tartan scarf-but not sure which category to choose?
My maiden Name is Ouchterloney/auchterlonie told it was scottish Does it belong to a clan?
I have a casual kilt and reproduction shirt I wish to wear to a renaissance festival. I expect to wear sandals, but would the stockings and flashes be out of place with that outfit?
what tarton can the surname james?
When is it proper to wear Clan Mckenzie modern tartan?
Where can I get trews made of dress Fraser tartan?
If wearing denim pants and a tee shirt (or something else equally casual) can a balmoral WITH clan crest hat badge attached be worn or should the hat badge first be removed?
My family name is Hutchison, which I know is part of the MacDonald clan but how do I know which tartan it is as there are so many?
Which tartan does the McPherson clan wear?
im going to a wedding but unsure how to wear the plaid over my jacobite shirt?
what is the name of the garment in Tartan that goes from back ankles to front sash with brooch on front top shoulder. Thanks James?
Is the surname Macaalay a form of the surname Macaulay? I've also seen the name spelled Macauley. Are all three surnames Scottish and are they related?
Looking for a "Gunn" Clan Crest to nail onto my walking stick. Anything Gunn, for some unknown reason, is very difficult to find. Do you have a source for this item?
I come from the name Miller of Scotland what is the clan?
Other than brogues, what other style of show could be worn with a kilt in dress attire?
Surname Sims.Which Fraser tartan am I entitled to wear?
what tartan for the name macmichan?
My last name is Dawkins. I was told that I am of Scottish descent. Could I be of the Davidson Clan?
I know that my mother is a Hutchison and that is clan Donald, can I wear any clan Donald tartan? Including the ones that belong to The Lord of the isles? Also, my grandmother was a McClure from Glasgow, can I wear that tartan or should I stick to patriarc
Is McMahan a Scottish or Irish name? Or both?
what is the traditional scottish tarton for the name McKinney?
Is there a clan/ tartan color for my husbands family his Grandad and the before were born in Scotland - Scullion?
Morton, is it scottish and/or irish?
do the Mortons, a sept of the clan douglas, have a tartan and kilt pattern?
I am descended from John Taylor 1736. Taylor sept was part of the cameron I associate with the cameron clan or the taylor one?
one one site you have canadian and Irish tartans but you cannot find tem on the tartan finder for a visual?
Is there a protocol for selecting the most appropriate tartan based on the family bloodline relationships? All of my known Scottish and Welsh heritage links through a female ancestor?
My mother's maiden name is Watkins, is this a Scottish name? Thank You?
mcquade tartan?
What tartan shawl or scarf would be suitable for me to wear to my son's summer wedding. He will be wearing a Keith Modern tartan kilt.?
My Surname is Harris, what Clan would that be with and what tartan. Is it Macleod?
my mothers maiden name was murray wich tartan should i wear there seems to be at least 4?she was born in johnstone renfenshire?
Does the surname McMahon have a clan tartan?
I am decended from Clans: Ramsey, Douglas, Stuart, and Bruce. I would like to see tartans of these clans on your site. Should I desire a modern shirt made in a tartan must I purchase a bolt of cloth ? Also, where can I find a family crest ?
To whom it may concern, my question is.....How do I find a MacLean tartan colored sash. My future mother-in-law is from Scotland and I want to suprise her with some of the scottish wedding traditions. Thank you ahead of time for your help.?
My grandfather was a Melrose from Inveresk. Could you advise his tartan please? I have a green/white tartan tie called Melrose but not sure if it's the correct one. Thanks so much?
Is there a tartan that has a grey background with a burgundy plaid?
My surname is lovatt am I entiled to ware he lovat fraser tartan?
My grandma's maiden name was YOUNG, grandpa's was Gemmill (Gemmell) we visited Scotland was told we belonged to the Farquharson clan? I know there's a tartan for the YOUNG and FARQUHARSON clans, but can't find anything for the GEMMILLs is there one?
i want to buy my son in law a tartan of some sort from his clan his name is Robert Ure what is his tartan?
My bf's name is Douglas White. I have found his family crest but, i'm looking to find out the tartan colors. He is wanting one but we need to know the colors, could you please tell me?
I would like to wear the traditional Scotsman attire for my wedding. I currently own the kilt but need to know what else I will need to acquire in order for the ourfit to be traditional and accurate. I am from the Clan Donald.?
Where can I purchase items bearing the McNair clan crest?
I was looking for the Valentine tartan pattern and coat of arms. In a previous question you said that they were from the angus area of Scotland.?
Do you have a modern Russell tartan plaid tie?
My wife's scottish ancestry is well documented; however. While I have family surnames connected with clans, I do not have specific documentation as to whether my ancestry has scottish roots. That said, should I adopt my wife's clan?
Surname Ellyson from Scotland....are they part of the Clan MacAlister or Clan Allison?
My last name is Applegate, but my family history shows that Stewarts and Campbells are my ancestors, as well as Robert De Brus. So how do I know which clan to associate with?
my grandfather's name was pettigrew and my grandmother's name was wylie, what tartan may i use?
here's one for you, where can I find ANYONE to buy my going out of business kilts & 100% tartan also accessories, belts/buckles/ilt hose etc.?
What is the clan for "Sellars", "Hogg", and "Sharpe"?
I am an Elliott by birth, Grandfather; Lotan Cooper Elliott, father; James Carter Elliott. How do I find my tartan?
my grandparents on my fathers side are from Scottland. our last name is Arnott. in my resesrch i have found two tartans; Fife Dist and Ayrshire Dist. how do i find which one we are and can i wear the tartan? Misty
what clan do peden come under?
Where can I find Tweedside District tartan ancient pattern?
Is there a clan for the name Laird (or perhaps Layerd) and their tartan and crest?
The Stewart Society said regarding the name McClive/MacClive, they said it's not a Scottish name and may possibly be Irish, and that Clive is an Old English name, Mac as a preface is used in Scotland and Ireland not connected to the Stewarts.?
I have inherited a 100 year old scottish outfit, and can't figure out how to wear the long length of light tartan material like a sash. It is gathered at both ends. One end is a tartan rosette and the other end is a long ribbon for tying somewhere?
I am about to be married to a man with the name Fore. If he was to wear a kilt for the wedding, what colors should it be and what else should be worn?
Is the surname Blair Scottish?
My last name Talley I have been told it's an irish surname. Is this true?
My Grandmother's maiden name is McCravey. I was alway told her family was from Ireland. Could they have been, even if her last name is scottish?
my mothers name was Aird my fathers was Stevenson which tartan can i wear if any thanks?
a tartan with the colour purple in it?
What is the tartan for the Barton name?
what clan does the name matthews belong to?
Is there a tartan for the name Garry?
Is McCudden Irish or Scottish? Is it part of a clan if it's Scottish?
Is there a tartan for Mc Kinney? If so, what does it look like?
What nationality is the name, Gibson, associated with?
At a wedding the bride wears a sash - what is it called?
When a new family tartan is added to the scottish registery where do you go to get a clan chief broach?
Where can I find a complete kilt outfit for my petit daughter, I'm interested in the entire outfit?
my boyfriend is a Cunningham and I want to get him something for his Birthday, I can't afford a kilt, is there anything else I can get him?
what is the clan for walker pleaae? im so confused? thanks xannie?
Is there a tartan for the name Forbes?
My ancestral lineage is to Mary Murray...can you outfit my Father ? His. 'journey' draws near ?
What style of tartan should I buy for a wedding. I am Galbraith, and have chosen Galbraith modern, just unsure of the style...?
McCudden and McGriff- Scottish or Irish. If Scottish, what clans?
What is the clan for Graham and their tartan?
Is Kilgore a Scottish name?
What clan does the nameCox belong to?
My husband's surname is McAdams. I believe this is a sept of the McGregor clan. Please feel free to correct me. I am interested in knowing is the McAdams have their own tartain and if I could see a picture of it?
Is McKinney just an alternate spelling of MacKenzie? I read that the "z" in old Gaelic is silent.?
my surname is murray witch puts me in clan murray witch has 4 tartens how do i know or or how am i able to tell what tarten i am suposed to where?
Is there a tartan for Cayce?
What are the tartans for the Covington and Brooks ? What are the colors for each?
I have what I think is a celtic pin, hallmark shows it is made from Edinburgh silver in 1733, with makers mark RA. It is 3 inches long, topped with amber, with intricate celtic engraving on it. Could you possibly tell me who RA is and possible value?
is there a miller tartan?
Is there a good book that lists the families affected by the Highland Clearances? I believe my family dropped the Mc or Mac and became Raes but it so hard to find the family trail (as so many came from Glasgow)?
Can my Australian partner wear my McRae family tartan? Which one would be appropriate for a wedding? I am not sure how many McRae/MacRae tartans there are?
is surname Thompson Scottish or English? i see many sites that say when spelled with a p its English but important pretty sure is Scottish?
I'm told our family is originally Carmichael, Highlanders. I have never done Scottish formal wear, and need to know everything I would need for formal wedding and how to wear it.?
While going through my mother-in-laws jewelry chest, I came across a Mizpah brand Lucky Real Grouse Claw pin. I assume this is a kilt or fly pin, but would like to know the significance of the grouse claw, and the proper ways to wear it. Help, please?
Is there a clan and tartan that the surname Burrows belongs to?
is there an authentic arnold family tartan?
Do y6u Know if the Potts, Reeds, or Cambells of the Scottish and English Border Reivers settled in Pennsylvannia. I am a Potts and have all these different families in my blood. just want to know if is is safe to assume i came from the Border Reivers?
where can I find a kilt belt 3 1/2 to 4 inches wide? I had one in my youth and now can't seem to find one.?
I am interested in purchasing the black watch Scottish blanket. Is it actually made in Scotland?
I am getting married in October! I want to have a complete, traditional Scottish kilt with all the traditional accessories. Can you help me make a checklist? Or help me to select a package from the website? Thanks!?
my grandmother is scotish from the maclaren clan am i entitled to wear their tartan?
Iam a Fenton originally from Glasco what is my Clan ?and tartan?
My fiance is wearing his kilt to the wedding and the tailor who hemmed it ruined the pleating. Who can we take it to or how can we fix it ourselves?
What clan does the surname Fenton come under. I am looking for a gift for a lady friend. She is from Scotland as were her ancestors the Fentons?
what is the tartan for Mirrlees?
Is it proper to wear clan tartan hose at formal event - wedding?
My gr-gr grandfather immigrated to the US in 1872. We are not sure exactly where he was born in Scotlad so how do I tell if I wear the ancient or Argyll kilt?
We are getting maried in Dec. My fathers family tartan is Cockburn, My mom was a Sim and her mum's side are Duncans. My future husbandis a Sims. what tartans should we wear. I'd like to wear a arisaid.?
what are the tartans for the macbeth and griffith?
My surname is MacBruce and my dad's gran's surname is Bruce.I'm part African and my ancestors are Scottish but when I google my surname, "MacBruce" isn't a surname.Do you know if there are any people living in Scotland with my surname?
what would my clans colors be mcorrmick my mom and brother was born in scottland id like to find what clan and colors?
Is there a personal Coat of Arms for William McMurdo Currie of Balilone?
My maiden name is Dawkins. I have been told to wear Tweedside District tartan. Is this correct?
How do I know what clan I belong to? My mother was born in Forfar, Scotland and her mothers maiden name was Kiddie (she married a french Canadian and was a War Bride). Her mothers maiden name was Badagon. Any info is appreciated, thanks?
Is a horsehair sporran a full dress item or is it more like a fullhead sporran and can be worn with any order of dress?
I am a Southern-American (not South America), Scots-Irish with the last name McGee. It is likely changed from MaGee. What Tartan is appropriate?
As a decendant of the Cowan family from Renton in Scotland and I live in Australia can I wear the family tartan?
Do the belts provide some adjustment? Measuring around the naval as requested to obtain size, provides a much smaller number than needed for a kilt. Is it correct to assume that you make the needed adjustment to obtain a belt of sufficient length? ,?
My family last name is Campbell. So I have a separate sept?
My great grandfather built McCaig's Castle in Oban. I cannot find the McCaig clan. Would you know which clan I should be researching? Sharon McCaig Watts?
My last name is Platter. Where is it from? Is it Scottish, or Welsh?
My birth Surname is Dinwiddie, my mother's birth Surname is Vergason, what are the clan crests/tartans for them? Thank you in advance.?
my great grand father thompson was from ireland. would he more likely be of scottish decent or english?
Carnahan, Irish or Scottish?
Can (previously-earned) military insignia such as parachute wings and medals/ribbons be worn on Argyll Jackets? I undestand the can be worn on the more-formal Prince Charlie jackets.?
What is the tartan for Jennings?
How do the Edinburgh cape, the serape, the serape cape and Reiver serape differ shape? I can't tell from the pictures.?
my surname is mc leish and my fiance is williamson what tartan does he wear?
Thank you so much for your response to my question on the name McClive. I'm in Canada and trying to trace my 3rd great-grandfather John McClive who was born in Scotland and emigrated here. Can you recommend a book on Scottish Clan History with McClives?
The Galbraith surname was used in four or five clans, how do I know which one I belong to and what Tartan they wore?
I am getting married, is it tradition for me to wear my mothers maiden name tarta which is Crawford?
what is the color tartan for Mac Donald from Nova Scotia?
You responded to a previous question regarding the family name of McClive which I'm currently looking into my McClive ancestry. Your answer was that MacClive is a sept of The Stewart of Appin Clan. May I ask how you know that? Thank you.?
Is there a specific tartan associated w/ the name Scroggs other than one from the Roxboro area?
Is there a clan mcmahan and what tartan?
I am planning on wearing a kilt for my wedding. Is it appropriate for the bride to already wear the same tartan (as part of the dress) as me and my family for the civil ceremony (she is not scottish)?
where can I buy a scottish newspaper?
What clan is the last name Lomond associated with? Perhaps its Lamond that has been misspelled - making us part of clan Lamont?
What is the Tartan for the surname Stinson?
AS a retired Royal Canadian Naval personnel, am i able to wear my beret with highland dress for rememberance day? Thanks?
is there a buchanan plaid?
What tartan does a Millroy wear?
Hello I'm looking for the Sweeney Clan tartan When I researched Mac Sween or Mac Sweeney I found a black tartan but the one I can't seem to find is the identical red one One siteI found said that MacSween would be under the Mac Donald clan Is this true?
Are you able to tell me more about clan perry, i cant find any thing on it? and also is Angus a highland or lowland distract?
Is there a Skinner Tartan? If not, what clan would Skinner fall under?
Should any head wear be worn with a Ghillie shirt?
How do married women wear their sash?
How do I wear my sash I married a scot?
My father was Walker, born in Newcastle, England and his ancestors, presumably, from Scotland orginally. How does one know which "Walker" plaid to wear?
I went to Scotland And had a hard time finding anything about the MacKinlays. Is Mackinlay a sept of a larger Clan? If so, What Clan would that be?
is there a tartan associated with the name edgar?
My great grandparents were Scottish, but I can't find their surnames on any list, my ggf was Willimott and my ggm was Leigh. Are they associated with any sort of clans?
my name is matthew is there a tartan for me?
My surname is patience.what tartan would I wear?
my name is meechan what tartan should I wear?
what is the cambell tartan?
my mothers name is anderson my fathers name is graham what tartan do i weir?
MY great grandfather several times was a macdaniel. My mothers maiden name is parkhurst. WE have traced to Isle of wight and from there back to Canmore in Scotland through official records. Which tartan should I wear.?
what is the correct way of folding a fly plaid to wear it?
Hello! My ancestry includes distant relatives with surnames of Bruce, Campbell and Wallace. How do I pick a clan? Bruce seems to predominate. Is ancestry in Scotland passed through the father?
My great grandfathers name is Noble Stewart and his wife Eva Clendenin. What is my clan?
Family name is MACKIE. My son's faternity (Kappa Sigma) wear kilts for events. How can I find out if, what and wnere i can get samples of the MACKIE tarton?
My great-great-grandfather was a Campbell. Does that enable me part of the Clan cAMPBELL?
Did Celtic women ever wear daggers of any type?
Is there a Templeton Tartan?
can a cumberbund be worn with a kilt?
Can you tell me what clan Kirkland belongs to ?
What does the symbol of the Thistle mean or represent ?
do you print scottish flags?
The Weir tartan?
some one already asked if Cravey was scottish can you give more iformation on this? My Uncle seems to think that Cravey comes from The clan Macquarrie?
I'm getting married in a Crawford modern kilt and am wondering if I should go with just a plain colored hose, or either a diced or Argyle? Not sure which would be more appropriate for a full PC.?
Please, I need the Tartan colors for McQuillan Scottish Clan wedding July 17, 2012?
Is there a McNeal tartan?
Is Rogers name scottish?
What is the meaning of a bride and groom each holding a rock in there hand at their wedding ceremony?
Are spats just for pipe bands and military regiments?
I have been trying to find out what clan family belongs to. My grandfather's surname was west and he was from clydebank. I have tried searching the internet and it has said we are from clan campbell. Is this true? if not what clan would we be from?
My father's grandma was a McCracken, his grandfather was a Carroll, and my mother's mother (my grandma) was a Murdoch. If my brothers were to wear the family tartan to my wedding should they wear the Carroll tartan? Does the Carroll family have a tartan?
My name is McNabb and I am very interested in my heritage. Could you tell me what the sybols on my family's coat of arms mean?
my fulton family tartan is WR2205. where can i buy tartan scarves and other products in this tartan pattern? thank you.?
what is the scottish clan watt crest?
why aren't crawford's mentioned in william wallace's story?
can jump wings or submariner doulphins, or similar military specialty badges be worn with a prince charlie or full dress doublet,? or is it just medals that are allowed?
A family surname of Shannon exists in the family. What tartan is most appropriate for that name?
Hutchinson tartan?
My surname is Harrison is there a correct tartan for me?
what color kilt for the name williamson?
is there a tartan for gillies?
How do you properly wear the tartan mini rosette, located on the website here:
We want to incorporate the attaching of the sash to the bride at our wedding ceremony. What is the proper way to affix the sash? The bride will be accepting the groom's tartan.?
I am not Scottish or Irish or Welsh but i like tartan patterns for their colors and wool fabric and think its beautiful. Can i wear a dress or skirt made of tartan? Or is there any restriction?
My Grandmothers maiden name is Wallace on my mothers side, but my fathers side is German. Can I claim and wear Wallace?
my greatgrandfather was scottish, turner by name,since turner is a sept of lamont,do i wear their colors.i do not think there is a turner color thanks jerry turner?
Can a boat cloak, so similar style cloak be worn with evening dress instead of an invress cape?
My daughter is really interested in her Scottish heritage. Her great grandmother was a McQueary. Is it appropriate for her to identify herself with that clan although our name is different?
Can a retired canadian navy ncm wear hiscapbadge in replace of the clan badge?
What is the tartan for Magee....?
My last name is Lynch, I am told that we have come from Scotland origionally, most likely as mercs and have some sort of link with the name of O'Brian after the war I assume. Can you tell me of what clan/count I may be from and perhaps the proper tarter?
Is there a tartan for Vincent?
what clan does the surname cowie belong?
What is the clan for Barry?
Is there a tartan for duvall , we were thinking MacDougall or MacDowell?
i am from south uist in the western isles of Scotland and my surname is walker what tartan would be associated to my family?
What is the McCutcheon family tartan?
Is there a tartan for professionals like clergy and social workers to wear?
Is there a tartan for Gillespie ?
I am scots mothers maiden name beattie what tartan can i wear?
how can i find out about my grandfather that came from scottland ? his name is dewey david mitchell?
i need a kilt in green, blue, black, gray ,with green being main colores can you tell me where i have one made?
can a civillian not in a pipe bad wear a horsehair sporran with a prince charlie or full dress doublet?
What color is a true scottish tartan plaid?
can a naval units ship badge be worn in place of the clan crest?
What is the plaid design for the Gray clan?
what clan is connected to the name jacobs, jacobson, jacob?
What is the MacDonald tartan?
My greatgrandfather was Henry Loch, born in 1822 in Whitburn, Scotland. What tartan(s) would we use?
What tartan would a MacHill from Scotland wear ?
how can one get arms made that would be reconized by the lord lyon?
I'd like to get me a kilt with the Wright tartan. What does it look like? Can you provide some information?
is it true that if an english girl doesnt like haggis she cant marry a scots man?
can a kenmore doublet be worn with a kilt, or is it just for the trews?
Is there a tartan for the Houston family, if so can I buy the fabric anywhere?
are we dealing in canadian or american dollars?
what tartan would you wear if you are a Black from Ireland?
Does Perry have a clan badge that they can wear?
i have a tartan but i need a pin or brooch or whatever to hold it when i put it around my aist and over my shoulder & is that the proper way to wear it.?
Can you wear a fly plaid with an informal shirt such as a highlander or a t-shirt even?
Can a civillian wear a hackle in his bonnet, even though he is not affilied at with a highland unit?
i was told my family was from scotland and was wondering what would be the tartan for liddle i know theres different spellings and if so how much for the kilt?
does the surname bell have a tartan?
my family names are bell and boise - what tartan should i use for our wedding?
My last name is Douglas as my father and grandfather can I wear the black Douglas tartan.Thanks.?
I have a tartan kilt handed down to me by my scottish grandmother - but the tartan doesn't match her clan or my grandfathers? How can I work out which tartan it is?
My mother is a Ramsay, my father has no Scottish heritage. Is it wrong for me to wear a kilt being I'm not a Ramsay.?
were the clan maclellan and mclellan jacobites?
I've been invited by Scottish wedding. Do I need to put on the jacket (Prince Charlie). I do not have it. Do I have to buy this? I have only Barthet lowlander waistcoat and kilt (sporran, tartan patterned tie and flye).?
what is the suggested tartan for woodward surname to wear?
My fiance and I are getting married, and he will be wearing his kilt (Crawford) and my son will be his best man, but not sure if there is a tartan for the last name of "Arnold". We were hoping to purchase a kilt for him for the wedding..?
Can you please tell me the tartans a 'Bisset' is entitled to wear? Also the same for 'Nisbet'?
What tartans can the perry's wear other then the Angus, Name of tartan wold be nice thanks?
I need a new belt loop for my dirk, where can I get one???
Our family name is Twelvetree my great Grand father always told us we had an ancient clan connextion are you able to give me any leads.?
If I have the fabric, would you please tell me the price you would separately charge to make a woman's box pleated tartan kilt, vest and sash?
what clan does the Rennie name belong to?
Where can i find referance to clan perry?
My family names are Whybrew and Collins. what are thr tartans I can wear?
where can i get a calhoun 9 yards of LIGHT WEIGHT PERHAPS COTTON tartan material for the hot calif heat?? thanks?
hi there my family name is copland we have armstrong and watson also on my fathers side i've allways been led to believe my tartan is the Douglas can you tell me please?
what size is the jacobite bonnet? i wear a 7 7/8. will it fit?
My great-great grandmother was a Melrose from Kelso, Scotland. What tartan would be most appropriate? Thank you very much.?
/to what clan does the name Barry belong?
my family name is meechan what is my tarten and clan?
Hello Mr. Professional Scotsman! My mother was a MacAnanny and her first known ancestor was a Mac-an-eanaig or MacConaonaig. Any idea on which clan?
where can i find akilt in alexander tartan?
I wish to offer a blanket to someone who loves orange; can you suggest tartans with orange in them?
Where can I look for a history of the Coates, a sept of the Clan Farquharson?
I am going to be married to a native american man, can he claim my clan once we're married? Or is it strictly by blood? and would our son have my clan or no clan since it goes by your father?
Wondering which Irish clan I claim... My last name as well as my father and his father is Bailey, My mothers Maiden name was Duffy from her father and her mother was a Driscoll, my maternal great grandmother was a Shannon...???
do you ship to canada????
can you still order the mcglashan tarten?
I am an Episcopal priest and could wear the clergy tartan, the Cummings tartan or the Rea (Rae, MacRae) tartan. Its difficult to choose between them. Any suggestions on criteria I shold use?
Im searching for the Littlejohn tartan from Inverness can u please help me?
My family are members of the McColl Clan,where can we get the clothing for our clan in and around the Buffalo,NY area?
My last name (& my clan) is Stewart. I notice when I shop for clan appeal that Stewart has many different tartans to choose from. Should I just pick one that I like the best or is there something to this?
my grandfather on my father's side was Irish,so how did it become SCOTTISH?
Is ALLEN an Irish name and tartan or a Scottish name as in ALLAN?
I am trying to track my ancestry, and the big .com's haven't helped me out. I am from Hardy on my father's side, Forbes on my mother's. What resources would you recommend to track down clan heritage, if there is any?
What are appropriate gifts to give our mothers during the ceremony?
Osobrn is a part of Roxburgh or Paisley I see it is said BOTH are Osobrn family and that I m ALSO advised OSborn does have their own family Tartan???
We were always told that McNair was part of the McFarland clan. Is this not true.?
Is McDaniel, with the lines under the"c" a Scottish surname?
Background of the people who established Bell's distillery in Perth?
I had a ? about Isabelle Thompson of Berwick. Regular Thompson tartan if lowland or border Scot? Thank you kindly.?
My fiance and I are having a scottish wedding and are presenting gifts to our mothers during the ceremony. His mother is Scottish, mine is Irish,what would be appropriate gifts for them? I am a MacDonald (my fathers side) and he is a Campbell?
DiD all basket hilt clamors both back sword and broad swords have a telassel under the pommel?
i am making a small scotish dirk with a turned buffalo horn handle (round) and a buffalo horn sheath (flat) and was wondering if it would be ok to put a leather frog on the sheath to be worn on a belt. most of the ones i see, i can not tell how it attache
Do you own a kilt? If so, how often do you wear it? What about scottish hats?
My uncle has a trditional horsehair sporan. Does a sporan appreciate in valuse with age, and if so, who is qualified to determine it's value? Thanks so much.?
What is the proper tartan for the Auchterlonie and what clan are we apart of?
can an englishman wear his brides clan tartan at their wedding?
I have been told my g/father was " Piper" Laidlaw historically who was he ?
My great-grandfather was James Gove and married Barbara Butler. They had my Grandmother in Aberdeen, Scotland. What would be our clan and tartan colors? Thank you.?
My greatgrandfather was John Melrose Bell of Berwick what tartan is authentic? Thank you.?
my name is Magee, which tartan am I entitled to wear?
Scottish Rite kilt?
What clan is associated with Osborn?
My last name is simpson what are my kilt or tartan colors?
Can you suggest a bagpipe teacher? Also, where can I get a chanter and tutor book?
My great grandmother is a Bell..What is the tartan I can get and what does it look like and mean?
Where is Wardrop from?
is crockett surname scottish origin where?
My name is mcmaster, what tartan can I wear?
I am an American with 99% German heritage. My 5th great grandmother on my fathers mothers side was a Morton. Would I be allowed to wear a Douglas Tartan and if so which one?
what clan does mclellan belong?
What would the cox family tartan look like...we are from county claire?
My last name is Ferns. I've heard that it is a derivation of Scottish Fearns or could be the Latinized version of another Irish name. I'm interested in knowing which is correct and what clan/etc. if any?
My maiden name is glasgow. what clan does the glasgow name belong.?
my paternal grandfather was a Clark my maternal grandfather was a MacWilliams....what clans are they each connected and which would I use as a female, Clark?
my surname is "bald". What tartan would I wear?
My last name is Templeton. From what I have learned thus far the family is a sept of the Boyd, Irvine and Stewart clans. But I am not able to find anything to "prove" this - only internet information. Can you assist?
We have traced our Morrison family to 1700 to Belfast, county dow, Northern Ireland married Prudence Gwyn. Can we trace this branch to an Isle of Lewis Morrison?
My grandfathers last name is Johnson could he be both english and Scottish?
what clan if any would mallinson belong to?
what is the tartan for the name Harvey?
Is McCravy Scottish by chance? A certain clan?
I am wanting to get my clan crest tatoo on my arm but I have found several versions of my clan crest and I am trying to figure out which one is authentic and correct forseeing that I will have it for life. My last name is Malcolm.?
Is the name Whiteside associated with a particular tartan/clan?
My Grandfather and his ancestors were DIAMONDS, although he married a THOMSON. Which Tartan may he have been and which is most appropriate for me?
How is the scottish thumb stick used . what is the lyre shaped top fore?
can I purchase a Vance tartan, if it is a retricted tartan? How wpuld I be able to purchase?
I am a Bremner, is the Farquharson tarten correct for me?
I would like to give a special memorial gift to my son-in-law (Caithness) who has just buried his mother and father in Scotland. What can ypu recommend?
I know I have a tartan what are the clan colors of the Devine clan
My Family name is Kelly, and as an artist I am changing my last name to the ancient O'Ceallaigh. What is the true and proper tartan for Kelly or O'Ceallaigh? Thank you for your help.?
I'm trying to find the plaid or tartan for the McPherson clan and trying to find a store to go to and buy the material. Can you suggest anything in Ohio?
is crockett surname scottish origin where location?
what is the tartan for the sim family?
my ancestors name is "kidd" and his wife was "white" both from west lothian, what clan would would i be? also below you mention a clan kidd, why is there no information about said clan online?
is beverly scottish or english ?
my last name is Templeton, and my grandparents told me that we are a sept of Stewart, but I can't find anything confirming this. Is this right?
My grandfather was a Wallace, his father was from Scotland. Does this really mean I am descended from the same clan of William Wallace?
do u get clan kilt pins?
Is there a tartan for the vance clan, and if so how can I purchase it?
my future husband isn't scottish but i am. would he become part of my clan by marriage?
what is the watt clan crest?
I'm looking for my clans crest and tartan colors. The clans name is Stuart how can I find them?
what is tradition/proper when a scottish girl marries a non-scottish male? Does he wear her tartan colors?
Is it proper for a non-scottish groom to wear the tartan of his scottish bride's family?
can i get a wedding garter with campbell clan tartan?
which clan does the surname Still belong to?
what does the ross kilt look like? I believe its red (as it should be) but not sure of the pattern.?
I am an American McKee with bloodlines all the way back to King MacAlpine and I know that we hailed from the Kirkedbrightshire area, what Tartan should I be wearing?
My maiden name is McGregor (Scots-Irish)--how far does my clan "membership" extend? Do my son and daughters have the clan rights? How about my son's-in-law and daughter-in-law>?
What tartan is a member of the Banks family entitled to wear?
my paternal grandmothers maiden name was moore what is tarten color and pattern?
my grandfather was scottish and his name was Mitchell so what clan is he from?
Our children come from the surnames Clark and Scott. What Tartan and colors should they wear to represent their clan?
I am Scottish born. Glasgow , my parents are Scottish, my girls are USA born , I am walking myyoungest down the aisle, this month , I purchased a plaid to wear,how exactly do you wear it with or without Bonnie Prince Charlie?
My last name is Abbott (Clan MacNab). My paternal grandmother was a Henry (Clan MacNaughten) and a paternal great grandmother who was a MacAndrews (Clan MacKintosh). I know that I am foremost under the Clan MacNab but can I affiliate with the others, too?
My Mother is a Pringle. My Father a McDonald. I've had a heck of a time locating a Pringle Tartan. Which should I wear? And, my sons?
Hello. I did not see a kilt pin for Clan Chattan. Is it available?
What Clan does the Alexander Surname have?
I am a descendant of Robert Fulton, please could you tell me which tartan I would be entitled to wear if any?
Sorry I am rewording my question..If my grandmother on fathers side is a Wilson and my grandfather on mothers side is a MacLean, and my future husband is a Beaton, what tartan would I wear far my wedding. I danced in MacLean.?
If my mother is a Mclean and my father a Wilson, which tartan do I wear to wed? My future husband is a Beaton (MacBeth)?
I descend from Clan Douglas (first generation) though do not have Douglas in my name like my Mother and Uncles. Am I entitled to still class myself as a Douglas? If so, is my husband entitled to wear anything of Douglas tartan as a right of marriage?
my name is mallinson all my family are scottish what tartan can i wear?
show arnold tartan?
Is there a tartan plain for the name Baker?
To which clan does the surname McGee belong?
is hammond a scottish name?
My son has asked what Tartan he can wear, our surname is Kennedy, my maiden name was hosie?
what clan did edgars belong to or district?
is kyle a sept of clan macdougle?
What design does the Lewis tartan have?
Did Scotsmen in the 16th century wear sprigs of a plant in their caps to identify their clan? (See Macbeth 4.3.162)?
we belong to the Wallace Clan and I would like to make a tapestry to hang on our wall but I don't know what weight of fabric to buy for the tapestry to hang correctly.?
what is the appropriate tie with a dress Argyll jacket?
I would like to add a fly plaid to my tartan ensemble, I have read that historically highland women wore plaids, but I want to check out the general consensus before I bought one. They are less cumbersome that arisaids!?
i have a blanlet that has been passed down thru the family it is very old and made of wool it has what might be tarten color but i cant seem to match it up. I do have both scot and irish is there anyone i could send a pictue to to find more information ?
My last name is Patience, and I know that my father's family comes from Avoch, near Inverness. My father thought we were part of Clan Ross. On my mother's side, the McColls come from the Isle of Mull. Any advice on proper tartan?
Is it acceptable for a woman piper to wear a male outfit? What should a women player wear when playing events? It's hard to find female outfits in the U.S. that don't cost a fortune.?
my last name is Bowman,My Grandparents on my father side are grants and andersons, where my scottish heritage is not through maternal lines can i wear grant or anderson tartan?
My sur name is Peoples ,am I entitled to a tartan? And if so what are its colors.?
If I wearing kilt, tartan tie is not acceptable?
sash for a married woman?
my father was Foster, my gg-grandmother a Milroy and her mother a MacFarlane, which clan do I belong?
what scottish clan does last name Tullock belong to?
what colour is the mcgrgor tarten?
I the name Akin associated with a particular clan?
What clan does the family name Ross belong to?
My grandmother was a finey from ireland what was their tartar?
what tartan can the watt clan wear?
I am a FitzGerald, my mother was a Fleming, and my father's mother was a Scott. Would one tartan be more appropriate than another for me to wear?
is their a clan asher?
The surname McCalop is it of Scottish?
We have been asked to a Scottish cousins 80th Birthday, which is to be held in a Castle. My ancestors are MacCallums and McArthurs, and my husbands are from Clan Gunn. What would be appropriate?
is the name black entitled to a tartan?
I am a woman and a Wallace, my partner is a Burrows who, through his Grandmother lays claim to the Thompson Tartan. Which Tartan is most appropriate for our son. I say Wallace. He says Thompson.?
Is Wheeler a Scottish name?
What is the translation of "do dheagh slainte and lang may your lum reek"? Thank you for your help.?
Husband's name is Kidd from Dundee. What clan would he belong to and is there a tartan or plaid for this name?
What is the scottish formal outfit called?
does the gillette family have a tartan plaid?
Is there a surname for Keys in Scottish?
I asked earlier about the Junkins, but since found out the family name is McJunkin. Do you have any information on them?
What is the tartan for the Dennin family ?
I have recently been given a Black Watch Sporran that was apparently my (british)grandfather's. My family has no idea how he acquired it, but it has been kept in pristine condition for i think over 3 decades. Is there a way I could find out it's history?
would it be appropriate to wear a tartan bow tie with a price charlie jacket and vest?
Is Patterson a sept of the Campbell clan?
I am a C-O-L-L-U-M. Now do I belong to the MacCallum clan,MacCollum clan or the Malcolm clan? I see there are different tartans for MacCallum and Macolm. I already have a MacCallum scarf.?
Which clans do Mitchells and Andersons belong to?
My great great grandmother was a MacIndoe. Is it appropriate for me the wear the tartan of the Clan Buchanan as my Kilt (even though my last name is not scottish)?
My great great grandmother was a MacIndoe. Is it appropriate for me the wear the tartan of the Clan Buchanan as my Kilt (even though my last name is not scottish)?
can anyone wear the mcgregor tartan if they have no scottish ancestors?
what colour is the Mc Allister tartan?
what clan tarten would the name lewis belong too?
my last name is pennington could i have scottish ansestors?
Is the surname Evette connected to any of the clans?
Do you carry the Johnstone tartan, either ancient or modern?
is Kilgore a scottish or irish name?
Is Standley a sept of any Scottish clan?
Hi, I am looking for the plaid (tartan) for the last name Reade. Are you able to help me with this please?
when wear a dirk does one also wear the sgian dubh?
what clan does the name Hogan belong to, and what are their colors.?
what is the kilt colour for the Taylor's from scotland?
Macbeth appears as a sept of clan macbean. I have seen several places on the internet that a macbean can wear a macbeth tartan . Is the latter acceptable since the clans are closely tied to each other?
how do I find tartan material for family of baxter?
how do I purchase tartan material for name collom?
Husband's name is McLaughlin from Aberdeen. Is there a tartan or plaid for this name?
Some companies list scarves under ladies accessories. Aren't they appropriate for men also?
is the last name stevens irish or scottish?
regarding the wearing of a Prince Charlie: is it ok to wear a Glengarry with the Prince Charlie when outside and when is it permissable to wear a belt with it?
how do I tie the flashes/?
My grandfather's name was John McNab Gibson, and proudly wore the NcNab tartan. What clan would he belong to & is the McNab the correct for our family?
Does this company carry a full plaid in Lamont Clan tartan?
what isa the meaning of grouse claw brooch?
my name dorman i was told it is a sett of gordon if so what tartan do i use?
who is realated to the osborne family?
Is it acceptable to wear a full fly plaid with a Jacobite shirt and no vest?
My surname is Covington. What clan to we belong and what is our tartan? Thank you.?
Where can I find a mail order company for Scottish meat pies ?
My father's surname is McKinley. What clan does he originate from & does this differ with the coat of arms symbol to a family crest symbol?
is allen scottish or irish?
What are the tartan colors for the McLamores?
Is Kilgore a Scottish name?
My grandfather's surname was Patterson. What clan was that name part of and what would be the proper kilt or tarten colors/pattern ?
We are renewing our wedding vows - does the bride wear her husband's tartan or her father's tartan?
Does Parsons or Cox translate to an Tartan?
What clan is the surname Glasgow from? I know the city/district, however, the family name's origin.?
As my family came from Scotland to England, and to Portmouth VA. how can I trace this?
Is McLemore a Scottish clan name?
what is the Harvey clan tartan?
where is the thompson clan?
Is there a tartan for the name Kelly and does Kelly belong to a clan?
My family name is Ireland, I have been told that does not mean that it is Irish but possibly Scots. Can you advise please.?
my surname is Watt, what are my tartan colors?
What is the tartan for the McNair family?
I am soon to be a "Mother of the Groom", My Grandmother was a MacNeil of Barra. What would be way for me to have a wee touch of the clan as part of my ensemble.?
What clan is the surname Barnet from?
Is the last name Storer a Scottish name.?
my surname is Greenock what is my tartan?
what tartan would be the Donalson Tartan?
My surname is Egan, my mothers surname is Kelly. Is it appropriate for me to wear a kilt in my mothers surname?
which tartan for the kirk clan?
Is there a tartan for the Creich(Creech) family? Trying to buy a scarf to wear to my 80th birthday party.?
what are the three tarten colours of the scottish clan mc queen?
My name is mr mclellan, wot kilt can I wear to my wedding?
Hello. My surname is spelled "McCullin"; however, I believe a more common speilling is "McCullen." With which Scots clan is this surname associated?
Is Malone connected with any clan?
Is Cox a Scots or Irish name? Thank you?
where does a woman place her kilt pin on her tartan skirt?
What nationality is the Pool name?????
How do you find which tartan you are under when you have a last name that isn't a plaid ex mckerrow?
Howdy Mac, I wrote you earlier asking about a knot for a Rob Roy sporran. It's called a Turks' Head knot. Where can I get instructions for tying one? Thanks!?
Howdy Mac, would it be acceptable to make a full fur animal head sporran using mink or ermine? Should the animal head have glass eyes in it, or should the eye opening be sewn closed? Thanks!?
Thrift is a current but rare surname in Scotland. What clan would they belong to?
You sell a Civil War sporran for a Union unit, do you have one for a Confederate unit. The south was Scotch-Irish after all.?
where can I find a highland regimental jacket here in the US. the ones that the gordan highlanders wore in the band. I was field artillery in the US Army and have the kilt but still havnt found the jacket?
my grand father was a Love , my grandmother was a brown though , and my father was a bonney (lots of alternate spellings) what tartan and clan would i associate with ?
color tartan for southgate?
what is the tartan of the Smellie family?
Is there a tartan for the name Wauchope or Wahab?
Is the Surname Cariker Scottish? My family's surname Is Cariker and we always thought it was german but at the 2011 highland games we saw it was scottish. Is it Scottish?
what are the Ingram tartar and kilts look like?
is there a tartan for Mayfield or Hollingsworth?
Does the Surname Paxton have a tartan?
what tartan should the Craig family wear?
May i have the research information on how you came up with the answer that the McCutcheon is a sept of Clan MacDonald? I'd like to be able to trace it back for verification. Before I'm finally able to make my kilt.?
Is there an osborn tartan?
what clan does the family name Hare fall under and what is our tartan?
I am looking for a sporran which I saw a gentleman with @ the Highland Games. It was larger than the usual ones/it expanded. He said it was used to hunt. where can I find this style?
Does the surnamr McMahon have a clan tartan?
Does the surname borowman come from fife and do they have a tartan?
what clan does the surname cowie belong?
Hello,my family surname is landreh.but im related to king james .my question would be what tartan would i be able to grand mother was a mccrary.would that be the tartan that i should ware?
do you know what the macmaster atrtan is; itr is uncommon and the macinnes is often used.Where could I look.?
What Clan would I be from if my Grandmother was a Forsythe?
what is the McCutcheon tartan?
What is the kilt for the name "BlacK". I think from the Glasgow area. Thank you for your help.?
1791 john Miller of Caithness, Scotland, does he have a connection to Macfarlane Clan or is his family solely connected to Gunn and Sinclair?
My mother's name was Glady's McMahn, is that Irish or Scottish name?
To which clan does the surname McGlashan belong?
Is "Cariker" a scottish surname?
When a couple gets married, which tartan prevails, the man's or the woman's for the family?
I understand that a traditional women's kilts may have been called an erisaid. Is this the correct spelling? Is it the correct term? Please define the name and the garments use in the 18th Century.?
Am looking to buy one of your traditional women's kilted skirts, but am concerned there won't be lots of swing to it. How much yardage do you use in these skirts?
Mac (Question #2), both my parents were born in Glasgow, (Uddingston). My Mother was a McCamley. Is it acceptable to wear her Family Tartan which I find is MacAulay? Thanks for your help.?
Mac, both my parents were born in Glasgow, (Uddingston). I have researched my name (McQuade) and find MacDonald is the proper Tartan. Can you tell me which one of the 16 Clans in the correct one to wear?
My surname is not Scottish, my G G grandmother was a Kennedy of Cassilis and her mother a Campbell Argyll. Through the Kennedy line I am listed as a consanguineal descendant of Gilbert Kennedy (the great grandson of King Robert II). Should I wear tartan?
Can I wear a Maclaine of Lochbuie tartan to a Maclean of Duart gathering?
what clan does Hamilton belong to?
which part of scotland is the clark clan from?
what is the mcmurdo tartan?
I am a Mitchell from the Mitchell Clan can you tell me anything about our history?
What clan does Cox belong to?
what is the best way to tie traditional flashes ?
In what way is the surname Maxey tied to clan Maxwell?
what is the dryden tartan?
My great grandfather came from Scotland in 1858 his name was John Livingstone born 1830. How do I found out where in Scotland he's from?
Mac - How about Bryden, I understand this may be of the MacDonald clan but I have conflicting information on various sites can you clear it up for good?
What are the colors in St. Margaret's of Scotland tartan?
mckenney...tartan? colors? where can i find that info out?
Confused with all the diff. patterns for Fraser. I am "of Lovet" clan and I'm looking for the pattern to fit the time frame of 1700-1750 for my reenacting persona. Which one is the oldest or would fit that time line?
I have recently purchased my Tartan Sash so that I could match my Father and I didn't want to wear a "mini" kilt. Is there a certian brooch I should wear with my Sash, or will any brooch work?
What plaid is the Devine tartan?
What foot wear would a mid-18th century highlander wear? other than nothing.?
I am getting started in pre-1840's re-enacting, mostly encampments but we do have some highland games. What wieght kilt would be appro. for this era?
My surname is Maxey. On the Clan Maxwell society of Canada it lists my surname under Septs and spelling variants. I know my family came from the western border of Scotland/England. Would this seem to make me part of the clan?
what clan does the surname watt belong to?
Does a tartan for the surname AIRD exist? if so what does it look like?
Is it traditional for male guests to wear the same tartan as my bestmen and ushers? They will be in a hire tartan and I have my own. Thanks?
Is Hammond a Scottish surname? If so, does it have a tartan and a clan?
Howard Jolly MacMahan-born around 1891-lived on Spring Road,Vineland,NJ-my maternal grandfather-married to Jennie June Woodward-2 children-Ruth Helen and James- what more can you tell me plus a picture of our tartan plaid would be great(had a piece but it
What Clan does the surname Ingle belong to?
Going to St Andrews with family for my nieces wedding. Our last name is Murray and we're looking to hire kilts (about 6 of us) If a Murray kilt is not available, nor a Mackenzie (mum's maiden name) what would you suggest we wear? Scottish National ?
Is the surname Ardrey, Scottish? It appears to be the Irish derivation of the Scottish Airdrie. If so, do the Ardreys have a tartan?
what tratan does the irish cole where?
So a Collum tartan is the same as a MacCallum tartan? How old is the Collum clan?
brightwell family name?
What is the Hargrave tarten?
What are the colors in the Forbes Clan Crest?
I'm having trouble locating the McMaster tartan - is it that simple or is quite a bit more information needed?
How does the Highland Game officals determine a Honored Clan for any Game ?
my friends surname is Wales, what clan would he belong to?
what clan and what tartan is the associated with the name sanderson?
My fathers surname is CASSIE, his family lived in foress near neirn near inverness. He wants to know his clan, so he can traditionally decide which tartan is the family loom!?
My ancestors were Richardson from Hawick, Scotland. Are we entitled to wear a particular tartan? Ogilvie? Buchanan?
Im looking for our Donaldson tartan plaid. My great grandfather's last name is Donaldson.?
My last Name is Templeton I had heard that Templeton was one of the oldest Clan names in Scotland?
Where can I find wiseman Crest?
What is the colour of the Sandland tartan?
I'm looking for the Clan for the name Simpson n the kilt color His Grandmother name was Rose?
Is holtz scottish? Do I have tartan colors? I so want to be scottish!!!?
Is a Collum a MacCallum ???
I have alot of trouble trying to find anything to do with my family name of Meechan any help?
My surname, BLANKENSHIP, I understand is associated with the District Tartan TWEEDSIDE. I was told this by a kiltmaker in the Speyside region, but I cannot find and documentation that states this is so. Would you happen to know the answer? Thanks?
Which clan does reay belong to mckay or macrae?
I'm looking for a Clan Davidson bow tie for a 4 year old ring bearer?
camp is my grandmother's maiden name, what is the tartan for that name?
Hello. I would like to know if the last name Wolf is scottish.?
does the name Bailey belong to a scottish clan?
My father's surname is Dunn, does this mean he is a member of the Robertson Clan?
Hi with regards to the Beswick family name you have suggested the Lanarkshire tartan but same question below you have suggested the tweedside tartan. Can you confirm which is correct please as we need to know this for family reasons. Many thanks Colin?
Hi there, Ive heard that Cox is an English name, yet you have said that it is Scottish, not that I am hoping, but could it be that the name originated in England, and Scotland just claims it? I would appreciate it.?
What tartan clan does dinnie belong to?
Could you please tell me the color tartan worn by the family WATT?
My Great Grandfathers surname was Hammond What clan and tartan is that?
My greatgrandmothers surname was Barnes what clan and tartan is that?
My husband's last name is Lee...where can I find a tartan kilt for him?
Is Talton Irish?
Our last name is White and I would like to wear the family tartan to the Gathering at Stone Mountain in NC next year, can you tell me our colors?
What are the tartans for the Clarks and the Dunlops?
As my surname is reay and live in the borders can i wear the mckay tartan?
is Huston Scottich or Irish?
bennett colors and pattern?
my father lost his parents before the age of 8. family has told him the originated in either scotland or ireland. the only last names known to us are Nielsen and Swasey. sounds english to me? please help clear the lore up thanks?
my husband is trying to figure out if his last name is scottish? its Piper and what tartan etc. if it is?
Can you tell me (an English speaker) phonetically how to pronounce do dheagh slainte?
Are the Wheelers and Whelan's related?
i have a gold cross pendant the trademark symbol imprinted on the back is a thistle. would you know which jewelry company uses this trademark symbol?
Never have seen the crest for Wagstaff. But the name goes way back. Even mentioned in the movie "Braveheart" Can you find it. Also, saw on an advertisement a pen made from Heather Gem but don't see it listed in your gifts. Do you have one availa
Do you have Scotland's/Scottish National as an option for the kilts for wedding toppers?
I need to find the scottish gaelic word for Strength. I have been looking everywhere, but no one can help me. Can you help? Or give me a direction of where I can look?
is there a tartan for the name Riglar?
A friend of mine is a McCullough and she said she can't find her tartan. She thinks she might be a sept clan but isn't sure. Can you help?
My last name is Thompson and my fiance is Campbell. Do we share a same tartan that I can have made into a garter belt for my wedding?
Does the surname reay have any conection with reay in caithness?
Our family name is Milne. Is there a tartan, or related clan tartan?
Where is your jewelry (i.e. Scottish Thistle design) made?
Hello My Mom's surname is Brown and I am trying to find what her family tartan would be so I may purchase a traveling rug for her? Also what tartan would the surname Mc Bride fall under? Thank you?
Is Matlock a Scottish Surname?
Where does the name Kyle originate?
what is the tartan plaid for thomasfamily?
is the name kilmer irish or scottish?
what are the tartan colors for the Barnett family?
what colours are the mcinnes clans tartens?
My family came from Scotland. the last name Wilson. Do we have tartan? If so what colors? Do we have a coat of arms?
Where is the northwest US can I find a place to have my kilt taken in?
Could the name Wagnon be a British or Scottish name?
Hello Mac, can you tell me if the last names Patty, Rice, Cannon, Swindell, Light, and Mayfield are Scottish or Irish? I would appreciate it?
My surname is Ritchie, what tartan am I entitled to wear ?
My maternal grandmother is a Huntley, my maternal grandfather's surname is James. Is Huntley Scottish, and James British?
Is McCreary a scottish name?
Does it matter what type of hose are worn with a Prince Charlie Tux? I have a beautiful heavy knitted pair with designs in them, or are those to casual.?
My husband is a McKinnon from Greenock what are his kilt colors?
last name is owens.tartan pattern for name?
what is the Scottish word for family?
I am trying to find a wedding garter for my daughters October wedding in the Robertson Clan Plaid..the Modern Hunting Robertson...can you help me?
What country does the surnames Chichester, and Finch come from?
What clan does the Sur name Reid come from?
do you have antique sporrans?
I am attending a Scotish wedding in the U.S. in early July. I am thinking about renting a kilt for the affair to honor my Scottish friends. What tartan do you suggest I wear?
how do i buy a kilt for the campbell clan , sash / price charlie jacket/?
Is Weeden a surname in Scotland?
Good Day Mac! What tartan should the Tough family wear? I believe we originate from Aberdeen and Fife, and there's a Kirkton of Tough also. That's about all I know. Appreciate your assistance.?
I'm trying to buy a gift for a friend, Mackenzie.Can you help direct me in the right direction. I'm not finding anything pertaining to her name. Thank you.?
Is Gardner a surname in Scotland?
What is the proper way for a piper to wear a dirk? Left side or right? Thanks in advance.?
Sir, I am a MacKinney , The Mckenzie tartan was never worn to my knowledge by my ancestors, they were captured and exiled at the battle of Preston. Is there an older known tartan that would be correct ?
There are many McPherson in OH, KY are but they are seldom mentioned in any way with the McPherson history. Why?
if you wear your spouse's tartan after getting married, but his last name (his father's) isn't scottish, can you use his mother's maiden name/plaid? (clan gunn)?
What is the origin of the name reay?
what tartan should the Stone family wear?
can a non-scot wear the grouse pin for good luck, or do you have to be scottish?
Is a dirk ever worn with a Prince Charlie Tux?
is the name Clyde associated with a clan?
s the name Slayton of scottish descent and if so, do they belong to a certain clan?
What is the Masonic Scottish Rite - Knights of Saint Andrew's colors/tartan pattern called? where can I find it? kilt and Fly plaid?
What tartan do the reay familys in the border area have?
what is the difference between reiver, strome, braeriach, and selkirk tartans?
when getting married, do i wear my family tartan or my betrothed's tartan?
How do I know which is the correct MacIntosh Tartan t use for a wedding?
my great gand was a McBee. Which clan does the surname come from?
What is the McCutcheon tartan?
my last name isKelton and i was wondering if its irish, scottish, or british?
My last name is reay from the scottish border is this name from scotland or northumberland?
Is the name Crawford Irish or Scottish?
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Date Answered: Tue, 17 May 2011 21:53:02 -0400
Crawford is a Scottish surname and Clan. The clan at this point in time does not have a chief, it's last chief died in 1942. The Clan Badge and Tartan are readily available.
Greetings! How do you keep a kilt from becoming a kite when you wear it outdoors in the wind?(a kilt pin is little to no help)?
My name is Bryson .We were from Strathaven. Do we have a tartan ?
Is the name Perry apart of a clan or sept?
where can i buy forrester clan cufflinks,kilt pin and a cap badge with the dog and says blau hunter blau thy horn?
I have three questions: Is Moncrief, Moncrieff, Moncreiffe a clan (I read it was not). If so, do they have a tartan? Is Bainbridge Scottish? And if so, is there a tartan? Thank you.?
I am a descendant of joseph preston yadon, born in county down ireland in 1756, what clan do we belong to?
What tartan does McDaniel wear?
which clan does bassett derive from and is it infact a clan by itself?
what does the Hunting Gordon Tartan look like?
If my Grandmothers madain name is Ingram how scotish does that make me?
What are the tarten colors for the Beall Clan from Fife, Scotland.Alexander Beall migrated from Scotland to Maryland, USA on or about 1677. Thank you.?
is the name cowan of scotch decent?
Is the name Carleton a clan?
what clan does cole belong to?
My Great Great Grand dad was born in Scotland. I know his name and surname, how can i get more information on him. No one is alive for me to ask. Please help me?
What is the significance of the three or more tassels on a sporan?
our last name is Douglass, told the extra S was added when the 3 brothers docked in Boston. How do we find out if we are red line or black line Douglas(s) though?
My fiance is Scottish and wears the Anderson tartan. I come from a French background. He's been encouraging me to purchase a kilted skirt. I know there's two French tartans - Jacobite and Culloden. How do I find out which I should be wearing?
My 13th great grandmother was Margaret Tudor (Queen) and my 13th greath grandfather was her husband King James IV (Stewart) . Do I have a clan or a tartan?
My surname is Imlay is there a clan we belong to, I understand that Imlah is also a possible spelling?
do you use your father or mothers surname to get your tartan or clan?
what was the Harvey clans colour and coat of arms and crest?
Is it true that Scotland is closely related to Ireland? Iv'e often heard that Scotland was settled by Irish Immigrants many years ago. Also do Scotland and England share any blood ties?
is the name Miller scottish,if so what clan does it belong to and tartan?
I have recently learned that my ancestor was the Earl of Aberdeen, Calvin McNair. He was exciled by King George I for "hostility towards the crown." And advice on how I can research to find out more
How does one go about out my family tartan and coat of arms? My family is McNeer (originally McNair)?
what is the McKinney clan colors?
My father's last name is Crask. I know there is a Crask castle in the Highlands and I found the Crask coat of arms. Is there a tartan for my family?
Surname Bell but my Gr.Grandfather came to Canada from Ireland 1840 would we be from Clan Bell?
I am trying to find clan affiliation for "Carpenter". Paternal side came to Canada during one of the Highland clearences then to the U.S. from there.?
My surname is terris my family are from fife what is my tartan?
My surname is Thompson, ive been told by my family that we herald from the Mackie clan. i would like to get information to prove this as well as the crest and history of the clan?
what does the barth clan tartan look like?
Both grandparents were from Scotland, my grandfather died before I was born. I was very close to my Grandmother is it appropriate to wear my Grandmother's clan tartan?
Have been told we are Scotch - Irish, our family names are Carmichael and Anderson to know is there is a crest or tartan by those names? Thank you for your time have a blessed day.?
Our family surname is Walker, and on my father's side, a John Walker was somewhat well known in Scottish Lore and history. Are we indeed part of or Septs to the MacGregors?
My eldest brother is named George Thomas Cochrane, as is our Grandfather and his father. I am certain we are Scottish but, do we have a Family Crest and/or flag?
My grandmother was a McCamley, which I think is Scottish. Is there a tartan? Also my name was Johnston. I have found in both Irish and Scottish family clans. Which one?
does the storer surname have a tartan?
Olderst son is considering having males in wedding party wear something for traditional family (Ramsay) atire like a tie, cuff links, etc. tradisional Ramsay colors re or blue may go simple silver/gray. Don't see pocket hankerchiefs do you have them,?
would like to give my new granddaughter a truly Scottish (clan Gunn) christeneing gift- what would that be?
What is the Crest and Plaid for the Mitchell Clan. I am an Imlah; however, we came from the Mitchell Clan.?
My great great grandfather's name was James Arthur and my family was originally from Scotland. Is there a clan connection for my family?
What is the Tartan plaid for the Roberts family?
Is there a taren kelton family?
my fathers name was hope wardlaw anderson do you know where the name wardlaw origniated from?
Is there a Tarten for the West family?
I am of Clan MacPherson can I wear a Kilt of the Black Watch?
surname gray what clan and plaid cor?
what does the mclean tartan look like?
mc donald scottish or irish. if scottish the tartan please?
is mc keathon scottish or irish?
Is the name for the casual shirt worn with a kilt a "Jacobean Shirt"?
my family's name is wallace? what tarten would I wear?
what are the tarten colors for the paxton clan?
I am looking for the Tartan plaid for the McCollum clan/family?
my heritage is irish and scottish the last names that i am related to are adams and farrington. what are the tarton colors for each name?
Is there a Tartan for LITSTER family?
Do you do gift certificates?
mckinney, scottish or irish? and crest/tartan? and sept it is from?
What is the tartan for the surname Whyte?
Does Bell of the Borders Tartan come in Poly Viscose material or other non-wool fabric. I want to get a mini kilt skirt made but am highly allergic to wool.... To be Scot and allergic to wool is not a good thing.... Thank You for Your Help Sir.?
Where would be the best place to locate my Scottish ancestry? I have my grandmother's various family names - Aird, Madcap, MacGregor, Littlejohn..?
How does a woman wear a sash?
could the name stone be a variation of the name steen or stevens?
Need to know family colors for both Wells, and Levick family?
Which plaid is the one your website has featured in it's lambswool tartan blankets (purple, green) ??
What is the tartan of the Kirk family?
Hello sir, my name is Brandon Cox, and I was under the impression that Cox was an Irish name, and not Scottish. Is this correct, or am I wrong? I would appreciate it if you could clear this up.?
what colors did the allen`s wear ?
I would like to know why there seem to be so many variations in the base colouring of the Montgomery tartan. Is it blue or purple?
My husbands family came from Selkirk, Scotland. He is a Gibson but how do we know if he comes from the clan of Buchanan, Campbell or Gibsone?
What is the Tartan for the Scott clan? Thank you?
Is there a tartan color for the Ray clan? If so what might it be? Thank you.?
What is Highland day wear?
Hello, do you know what clan the Wardlaws would be associated with? I know that my ancestors came from Scotland, but I can't find Wardlaw on your site.?
Our family last name is "Lewis" and would like to know the name of the clan and the tartan please?
i will be in scotland and would like to buy things of the mcadams, the dna shows that we are the mcgregory line please help me.?
what clan does littlejohn belong to?
Hello sir , my name is Stewart Haisler. I was wondering with such a wide verirty of tartans what you would recomend to start with?
What is the tartan of the Cox family clan?
What is the tartan and clan for McCain? Father said it used to start "Mac", and had an "e" on the end. (His grandfather had to shorten it.) I am the last of my McCain family. Thank you.?
balmoral or tam o shanter, which is better?
what is the plaid colors for the mcdaniel family?
I am entiitled to wear the Macpherson tartan can my english husband wear my targtan?
My mother's maiden name is Farquharson (Aberdeenshire) and i was wondering what was the appropriate way to wear a tartan sash -at the hip or over the right shoulder??
Invited to a Scottish theme wedding and guests asked to wear their family tartan. I'm female and would like to purchase something inexpensive that I might possibly wear again. Suggests?
Iam a stuart but dont know what tartan to wear?
What is the clan is "McCarter" a sept of and what is their crest?
Unfortunately I'm just a mut - a bit Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English, with a wee bit of American Indian thrown in for good luck. Do you know of a Scottish organization in Maryland that might accept me as a supporter?
Is there a Scottish connection with the Kinman name? I think my familty came from around Fife. Do they have a tartan?
My Grandmother's name was Munro, could you tell me anyting about it including the tartan color? Thank you.?
does the surname stone have a clan? Or is it a sept of another clan? Thank you for you time .?
Is there a tartan for the Oates or Oats families?
what crest and tartan colors are associated with the Draglund clan, please?
Hello, thank you for lyour time. I was wondering if the Celtic Handled Sgian Dubh is worn with a sheath or in hose bare? This is for my wedding day.?
my last name is gillis what does our family kilt look like?
What is the surname stone tartan?
May Sept crests be worn with a Clan tartan? In place of the Clan Crest? May the Sept crest be worn at the same time as the Clan crest?
Any information on the Pool family. I have found a big percentage in Dumfries- shire over one hundred years ago. Clan association? Thanks!?
My Mother's maiden name is Moore, and I'm told this is directly from Muir. Does this have a clan tartan, or is it a clan or part of another clan?
my name is auchterlonie do i have a tartan?
My great great grandmother's surname was Bledsoe. Is it Scottish or English? Is there a clan associated with Bledsoe?
My husbands family did not descend from Scotland but mine did. Can he wear my family tartan?
my great grandmother was a matheson. can I and my children wear the family tartan?
I am looking for the Tartan plaid for the McCollum clan/family?
trying to trace ancestry my great grandmother said her full name was Betty Bethia Madcap Macgregor Aird Littlejohn White. She said her father and mother came from Scottish highlands, and she married a welsh man White?
My last is Service my ancestor came from Scotland in 1700 to the US. what clan are we part of.?
Clan Ross what does clan plaid look like?
I will be attending a celtic society/Robert Burns dinner. Is it appropriate to wear either a black neck tie or a black bow tie with a traditional white dress shirt? I will be wearing my family tartan kilt and Prince Charley jacket.?
I am a Burney, what tartan do I use?
need table decor for valentine party?
Do you know the plaid for the Nelson Family?
What is a 'sept'?
what is the story behind there being three trassels on a sporran?
my familys last name is sanders and i was wondering what our colors are?
My husband got a continuous link chain about 10 inches with charms on one side - a hunting horn, a hoof, a tooth, a tuft of hair (badger?), and a tiny stag horn, a clasp across. What is it? How to wear?
Is a fly plaid worn over the left or right shoulder? And can you wear one "just because" or is it a formal thing only?
my last name is wright mygreatfather was mim wright.what is my clan?
Would you know if and what the tartans or coat of arms are for either of the last names of Stephen or Bickford?
A wool, long, kilt skirt was handed down and marked size 12, but is more like a 0.What would cause this and what can be done to wear?
Is the family name Bassett derived from the Bisset clan? Plaid?
Is the surname Wheeler Scotish?
where can I find hose garters or suspenders?
What is the sept of Kent?
What is the tartan pattern for the clan Faulkner?
want to buy the spring weight tie but do not know what the tartans look like , no way to look for it when buying?
What clan is Curtis from?
Is there a Tartan for the surname Land. We have been tracing our family history to the lowlands. Don't find much info about lowland families.?
what colors are right for tartan of Burnett family?
What clan does the Walker Family belong to?
As a widow do I have the right to wear my husband's tartan as a sign of respect? How should it be worn and when?
Is there a wide brimmed hat that is acceptable for wearing with a kilt. A baseball style only protects the front of the face; a Balmoral or Glengarry will not do much for protection. I have a problem with sun damaged skin and usually wear a Tilley hat?
What tartan for the surname Harcus please?
I am looking for a gift for my husband. The last name is Cox and I need to know if there is a kilt or plaid specific to that clan? His family is from Kirkcaldy. Thank you.?
What buckles would be appropriate for use with a straight-lasted "culloden" type shoe?
my grandfather was born in ayrshire last name young 1895 what is his tartan?
I have in my ancestry: Thompson, Rhodes, Burril, Cox, DeLaughter, Garner. Can you tell me which one would most likely be Scot?
what exactly is a Quaich?
What tartan should a Mccutcheon wear?
What is a Scottish Cap called?
I am a Watt born in the USA, looking for family coat of arms and tarten. Would it be improper once found to wear my families tarten for events?
do you know what plaid the kinnard/kinard family use?
how do you wear a dirk?
Last name Harvey, would it be okay to wear any of the Keith Tartans?
What can you tell me about the Jennings family. Is that a Scottish or Irish clan?
do you know what plaid the McKinley family would use?
What is the correct crest/coat of arms for the spelling of steuart?
If you are wearing a fly plaid does it HAVE to be the same tartan as the kilt?
I am plus size-do the garters come in plus size? Thank you! :)?
What tartan does the Bennett name use? Thanks!?
Could you recommend Scottish cufflinks and brooch. My brother and his wife will be attending a wedding and would like Scottish jewelry.?
I am a fleming. i have read our tartan colors are the marray tartan. if so why. just trying to understand my history.?
what colors would the Paxton clan wear?
My wife's family spells their surname McCray. Is this a derivative of MacRae?
What can you tell me about the Clan Hall?
Hi, I've learned a lot more here than in most books. I know you probably can't endorse, but could you suggest a really good travel agent for a trip to Scotland?
I have 2 family members from Scotland in late 1700's and early 1800's last names of Donaldson and Sands. Would we have a clan for them?
what clan is the christmas piper santa? Is he scottish?
When a Highland woman "grabbed a plaid" (from a hook by the door) to go out on a misty evening, what shape was it? Was it a square folded diagonally...or just a straight length of plaid as it came off the loom? Thanks!?
What are the dimensions of a Jacobite Bonnet?
miller family kilt?
My last name is Berry and my dads heritage is strongly German, with some irish and french and. Would it be acceptable/normal for me to wear the Forbes tartan?...or would it be more proper to find the tartans of those actually from Scotland??
what plaid would the Parrish family use?
Did the Ferguson's come from Ireland?
I cannot find a family tartan for "Panther" origionally "Pantry" but found that the eariest family member recorded was near Angus. Would that bet the apropriate tartan to chose as a family tartan?
What clan is Watkins from?
what is the tartan for the McNair clan?
My family name is McClive, my great-grandfather was a Kinnaird Head light keeper during WWI. I am looking for any info on him as well as clan affiliation?
McAllister belongs to what clan?
I am a sccottish/irsh, is there a color for that name?
i am mcmooran under the mckinnon clan.....which tartan would be correct?
We have an employee here in the USA who is Scottish. His father just passed away and we would like to give him an appropriate gift. His last name is Stewart. What should we get him? Thank you?
what is the proper way to wear a glengarry?
How do you pronounce "sgian dubh"?
I have an old sporran with 78 Pictou Highlanders on it .I'm looking for info i.e. should it have a stag head on it and who would have worn it?It's worth if sold.?
Could someone of Forbes heritage wear a modern Robertson tartan with out offending?
Do you carry fabric or have a throw in the McFarlane clan for the ancient hunting plaid?
I have reciently learned my biological mothers name was Campbell. That's all I know. Is there a specific tartan for the clan Campbell?
What is the Scottish Luckenbooth?
murray belongs to which clan?
how do I identify my grandfathers sash?
my grandfather's name was Talton, could this be a derivative of Tarlton?
What is the correct tartan for the surname McCutchen?
I am a McComb. Do you know what clan I might be from ? Thanks?
what tartan would terris ware do they have one, if not is there one i should my grandmother is a clark, i want to get tartans for me and my 3 yr old son thank you !?
Why is a lot of Scottish jewelry made in pewter?
I have reciently lost weight and now a couple of my kilts ar to large. is there a way to "take them in" so they fit better?
My family name is Arnold But my father's mothers name was Montgomery Is the a tartan for Arnold or would I wear the old or modern Mongomery?
I reciently purchased a Prince Charlie jacket that came with a sash for the shoulder and a beautiful thistle brooch. How do I wear this sash? The material is rather bulky to fit into the bar of the brooch.?
Who were the first Wheelers in Ireland?
my family name is wallace and my Great Grand Father was in the Black Watch what Tartan should I wear?
One of my ansestors, my Great-Grandfather Sanderson was Scottish, and I'm trying to find what the Sanderson's tartan design was/is.?
What is a Jacobite bonnet and when is it worn and by whom?
When does one wear a balmoral or a gengarry? Does the clan badge go on either? And can women wear either?
My husband's surname is McMahan. I am having difficulty researching the proper plaid for this name. Can you help me?
Do the Polyviscose kilts require as much time to ship at the other kilts?
my name is smith do i belong to a clan?
Is it proper or permissible fashion etiquette to mix silver and gold colored adornments when wearing formal dress attire? i.e. silver sporran fittings and jacket buttons with gold belt buckle and kilt pin?
my familey names are terris ,carley, clark , wilkens im told we mostly scotish are thess?
My Family is Macfarlane. Can I wear a district tartan such as Loch Lomond. Are there other district tartans which I can wear?
What is your opinion on wearing flashes made for the kilt material?
My great-grandmother's maiden name was Wardrope, she grew up in Motherwell, near Glasgow. What clan, sept, or district tartan would that name fall under?
Is there tartan for the surname Leighton. I'm trying to research my husband's last name & came across a mention of a pub in Scotland still being run by his relatives, but there is now location mentioned.?
I recently found out I am 60-80% Scottish from the Maxwell 1. Clan! What is their tartan? 2. I have a black kilt, what would be an acceptable shirt/shoes to wear with it? At the Games? Everyday wear?
I would like to get a tattoo to symbolize my Scottish heritage. Any suggestions.. I thought about a knot or maybe a thistle.?
I would like to find the crest, and tartan for the name Kent from Kilmarnik.?
my grandmother has McPherson on her birth certificate but my mom says it is a mistake and it should be MacPherson. Also their plaid?
Is there a connection between the Wheelers you mention in Ireland and the ones in Cranfield Parish, Bedfordshire, England? If so, what is it? Thanks.?
Is the Kent crest the same all over Scottland. My fathers famuily came from Kilmarnik?
What clan does Dennett belong too? If none can I wear my mother's tartan?
Do you have children's hats/tams? Our first grandson was born 3 months ago, and is name after my husband's Grandmother-(My husband's middle name), and its Campbell. Wondering if you have anything for children (boy's) in a Campbell tartan plaid?
This may be silly but, my mother is a Dunn and my father an Anderson..which kilt colors do I wear?
what are your hours of operation to recieve phone calls?
do you guys have a phone number to call you?
my maiden name is miller are so my surname family are miller,our ancesters some are irish what clan do we belong and what is our color is our tartan?also are we high lander?
do the men wear underware under the kilts?
Can I wear a dark navy vest and jacket with the modern and ancient MacGillivray kilt?
My surename is Sconce what tartan, clan or sept tartan would be appropriate haven't been able to find much info.?
my name is mathieson what tartan am i entitled to wear?
what is the tartan and clan for surname thorburn?
can i wear a grouse claw as brooch with a tartan sash?
I am a Bell originally from Airdrie, my father's family came from Airdrie as far as I know. Would we be Clan Bell or a Sept of the McMillan clan. My son is getting married next year and we would like to choose the correct tartan.?
My family surname is Walker. What Scottish clan does the name go with?
what are the tartan colors of the scottish clan thompson?
what is the origin of the red lion or dragon on the scot banner and flag?
what is the tartan color and clan or is a sept of who? for last name RIDDEL?
My last name is Gillis/Gillies and i am looking for my kilt pattern.?
I want to throw a Scottish party for the people in my condo. I have my kilt I have the music and I have all the decorations..I want to grill but have no idea what I should make.?
What tartan would have belonged to Alexander X. Simpson?
my name is MacManus, through Robert Menzies and Christina Gordon An Irish name, yet Scottish?
the grouse claw pin meaning?
my family name is turnbull can you show me where i can find out my tarten please?
Where are the crest badge and tartan for Clan Gray? Clan Gray is a registered clan in the Court of the Lord Lyon, albeit currently armigerous, and not just a sept of Stewart or Sutherland.?
Husbandsme is CASSIE he was born at Insh Scotland.he livemost of his life at Dipple and Fochabers Morashire Scotland, on the river Spey, what Clan or sept of a clandoes if an he belongs to we are having a wedding and the Kids want a Scottish wedding?
my mothers name is thomson where does it come from?
I thought Miller was sept to the MacFarlane clan. I typed Miller into the find bar and the answer was Miller is sept to the Mcpherson clan?
where does the name wheeler originatre from?
Is there a historic Jacobite Flag?
Do the Irish wear a tartan? If so, what tartan goes with O'Connor?
My last name is Owens, probably Welsh, do we have a tartan, and what is it?
I was told Pollocks were part of the Maxwell clan. Where in Scotland were they located?
My maiden name is robertson and i was just wondering if my husband is entitled to wear my tartan?
What Kilt would the McCutcheon name Ware?
My last name is BAILEY, Grandfather's descendents from Glasgow. Can you tell me more about our name, clan, crest or tartan?
I just got married, should I wear my husband's tartan, or my family's, or can I wear both? Is a sash of my husband's tartan an appropriate way to wear it?What clan would Cole belong to?
what clan does Tainsh belong to ?
My surname is Lawrence. I was told that that my family was Scot/Irish and English but we cannot trace far enough back to where from. Is Lawrence a Scottish surname or more an English surname?
I have Urquhart, MacKai, and MacKenzie ancestors. Most of the family line is Urquhart. Can I wear the tartan of all three?
Celtic Knot Plaid Brooch - how does it attach?
What is the Marshall tartan?
I was Adopted was told orginal parent are scottish last name dunston is there a tartan for them or is it a crest?
I am trying to think of something to get my father for Father's Day. He already owns the whole Scottish kilt outfit. I thought it would be fun to find something he could wear when he gives me away at my wedding. Our last name is Morrison.?
Is the name Cowan Irish or Scottisk descent?
My husband is turning 50 this year and I wanted to get him a bottle of 50 year old scotch whiskey. I am unsure about the difference between the age and vintage of whiskey. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thank you, Charlotte Riddle?
is the name McCutcheon scotch or irish?
My last name is Litster, I know it is an occupation name and there are Litsters both in Scotland and in England.My question is whether or not Litster is a sept of any clan or not?
My family sailed from the UK when they came to the USA and i was trying to find our kilt colors . my sister got a sample of the colors once but she can't find it now but i would like your help with this. Fenton (being a sept from the clan Chisholm)?
Agnes Donnelly born in Glasgow1881, daughter of Thomas Donnelly & Marion Buchanan1856, granddaughter of Sarah Brown1836 all from Glasgow are we Scotch or Irish?
I keep getting different answers to where my last name came from. My cousing went to the uk to find out more and they told her that the last name was scottish can you help? my last name is Fenton?
Is the Dunlop name a Clan or sept?
My last name is Livingston. Is it Scottish? If so, what are the colors for the tartan?
Multiple questions concerning family name and tartan? Where can I get true research of family name as I'm trying to purchase an authentic kilt from Scotland and need correct tarten as well as wanting family crest? Last name, Whinnery?
My Fiance' is decendant of the forsyth clan and the stone clan any idea on wheere to rent a kilt for one of the clan's and should he be wearing his father's side or mother's?
is there a crest and tartan fore macalister?
Hello Mac, my maternal grandfather's lineage has been traced to Wales. His last name was Daniels. Is that surname part of a clan with a tartan? thanks very much?
My father's last name was Campbell. You have mentioned they are the largest clan in Scotland, I don't know which branch: Argyll, Cawdor, Breadalbane and Loundoun. Since I can't trace it, which tartan should I wear? Campbell Ancient?
is lewis a surname scottish origain?
Scottish Clan Rules: "2. You have no real right to wear your mother's tartan unless you have taken her name." Does this apply to me (I'm a girl)? My mom was McKenzie but took my dad's name (French. I want to wear my clan tartan without scorn.?
we have been searching the web to find the ancestors with the last name of aird and would like more information if you have any?
What is my tartan? Last name McIver.?
Is the last name Potts Scottish or English?
My grandmother's last name was Jacobus. Is this name from Jacobite?
My family name is Leeth. Is this Scottish in origin? Thank you.?
Is Keaton and Montgomery Irish names?
To which clan does someone with the surname Johnston belong?
My famliy name is McKinney. Which clan does this name belong to? Is this name Irish or Scottish? Do you know of a tartan for McKinney and what my family kilt color is?
My surname is Dunn (from O'Duinn). What would be my family's preferred kilt color ??? Have seen tartans for "Dunn", not sure they are traditionally legitimate.?
My great grandmother's famliy name was McBee. Which clan does this belong to? I would also like to know if the name Leeth is Scottish. Thank you for your time.?
My name Barnes . What tartan am I entitled to wear,?
Looking for the Tartan of the name Dennin or would that name fall under Campbell?
My Great Grandfather was Jeptha Byron Montgomery. I would like to buy a bonnet of the Montgomery clan. Where can I find one?
About pipe band uniforms, some have the full kit with doublet, cross belts etc. or it is a white uniform shirt and kilt ( the majority seem to be the Royal Stewart. I belive in traditon but, are there any bands that are in differing uniforms.?
Which tartan would be for surname Beswick?
I'm trying to find my boyfriends family Tartan what information should I have other than a surname?
my great great grandfather was john mc farland what would be our clan colors?
My grandparents surnames were Jones and Barnes. Growing up we were always told we were Scots-Irish, English, and Welsh. I found Jones to be Welsh but don't know about the Barnes. Can you help me?
What is Clan Lee's family tartan and crest?
After watching several videos of the Scottish Military Pipe and Drum units, I noticed the dofferences in the tassels on the sporans. Some have two some have three and some have five. What is the origin of the number tassels??
Hello, I will be attending a Scottish theme event next month. I am a nonScottish female. Would wearing a Jacobite bonnet be appropriate for such an event? Thanks you for any information.?
What clan does the name Jones belong to and what plaid would i wear?
Last name is howe?
What is the tartan and crest of Hughes?
I would like to buy a flag with Mitchell tartan to use in a special Presbyterian service. Do you know where I can find one?
Can you tell me what tartan is associated with the surname Husband?
my maiden name is Standley I also have cousins named Lanyon,Stewart what pattern would I coose?
Hellow my last names is Barnes where is it from and what tartan belongs to our family?
Hi mac can you tell me a litttle about the sur name Lewis and which tartan the family would use Thank you?
My father's family name is Diers where is it from we can't find any information?
my husbands family name is Quinton where is it from we cant find any information?
My grand fathers name was fairley and we also have mcnair in or family are theses name scottish or irish?
My name is Sanderson. What tartan am I entitled to wear?
I am thinking of buying a MacGillivray Kilt both the modern red and the ancient. What color of jacket should I wear with these?
I am working on a Family Heritage Album. The pages are 12" x 12". Is it possible to get 13" or 14" swatches which would allow me to wrap a full page? The tartans I need are the Elliot Modern and Murray of Atholl Modern.?
My last name is Campbell. I know its scottish and the largest clan but i cant find any info on family history past 1858. Any info on where to go or how to go back further is appreciated. Derek Campbell?
Can you tell me the tartan for the Lee family - specifically researching architect Duncan Lee?
How would a person go to to find out Scottish family tree information, from a relative that was born in Scotland and Immigrated to Nova Scotia Canada?
I am researching family. My grandfather's last name is Currie, my Grandmother is Campbell. Could you tell me where these names originate from and what tartans /clans are linked?
Are all Scottish tartan blankets in your shop knitted in Scotland from Scottish wool?
Where can I find a ring set with a gormstone from Scotland's Gormstone Mountains?
Can you tell me or show me the color tartan for the surname "McDonald"?
I'd like to purchase a MacGregor kilt but I want the larger pattern(ie,fewer lines and repeats).What is the meaning of "Double Strome"?
the sur name miller is it scottish or irish?
The surname of my Irish ancestors is Doak. Can you tell me the color tartan for this surname?
What tartan should a kilt be for the surname Duncan?
What is the tartan pattern for the last name Wright?
I am looking for the plaid from the Honeycutt or Begley Clan. Can you help me with this?
What is the tartan and proper crest for the surname McGlashan?
My maternal grandfather's name was Maclellan; my last name is Legris. May I properly wear the Maclellan tartan?
i have the surname Munro-Naan i know the Munro history but can not get far with Naan, legend has it that one of my Irish ancestors lost thier surname for horse rustling could thie be true?
Moose Haggis?
is it ok to wear my fathers mothers tartan if my surname has none?
My last name is "Battles" and i am of stricktly scottish decent, but i cannot find any clan affiliation, do you have any ideas what tartan i could wear?
I am looking for an 2xl mohair coat, where can I find a Scottish Appearal Store that would carry this?
I am related to the Kerr clan. I have been told that there is a link from that clan to the Royal Stewarts. Is this true?
Which Campbell tartan should Harris surname wear?
Which tartan should a woman choose - one attached to her (father's) surname or to her mother's family?
I have 2 surnames, from each side of the family. The Irish side is Hayes and the Scottish side is Alfred. I am looking for each of their associated tartans?
I was told today, that it is bad luck to wear tartan with tartan. I was wearing my tartan trews, a black ghillie shirt and a tartan flyplaid, and was told to never wear tartan with tartan, that it's bad luck. True or false ?
I'm searching for my Scotch-Irish roots. My Grandmother's maiden name is Bradley, my Father's name is Hagood. I'd like to know the geographical origin of my family. Thank you.?
MY surmane is Leighton. my father was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Can you tell me what clan that is and why is the last name English & scottish?
What is the Buchan clan history and is it its own clan or does it belong to another?
How do you wear a ladies serepe shawl to a semi formal dinner?
My father claims he is of Scottich decent.His last name is Camp,how do I trace this to find out clan info?
my surname is Milhorn and from all i have been told it is of Scottish origin.i have seen a coat of arms from the historical research society, but cannot find any connection to a clan or tartan. can you help me?
My father's last name is Hughes, I understand that he is of Welsh/english decent. Do you have any information of this name?
What is the clan crest and Tartan for David?
What is the Tartan that is associated with the Hutchison name? I know that it is a sept of the clan MacDonald but I am not sure which branch. Thank you.?
I cannot place my order because I cannot find clear examples of lovat green vs ancient green vs weathered green vs dark green, etc, etc. Where is your color chart??
Hi I am new to this. My new boyfriend is a Scotsman, proud of his "clan". My family name is Craig. That's Scotish, isn't it? Can you point me to where I can trace my "clan" or ancestors?
Hello. My father's mother's maiden name was Barnett and my mother's maiden name was Barnes. Some sources indicate both families are septs of Clan Campbell. If this is true, may I wear the Campbell tartan by either relationship? Thank you.?
Is there a tartan associated with the McLemore name?
I just ordered my first formal Kilt with the complete package from the STC. Will instructions come with the package so I dress correctly or do I need to buy those instructions from STC or elsewhere?
what tartan is connected to the surname White?
What is the MacLean tartan?
Hi Has the name beswick a tartan and where did it come from.. we still have beswick family in scotland all with fine ginger hair?
My maiden name was this a common name in Scotland? What is the plaid and the clan?
My mother's maiden name was Cogle, believed to be shortened from Cogleigh at some point in the past. I've been told of our Scottich and Irish heritage. Can you tell me about the clan and related tartan?
are your tartan blankets made of british wool?
Are these Scotish Dirks actually made in Scotland?
My husband's parents are from Scottish decsent would I purchase items that would it be from the father's clan?
Is it ok for serving British soldiers to wear medals on a prince charlie jacket?
Mac. I recently learned my wife's family (Hughes) was Scotch-Irish but trying to make the link to the proper clan in Scotland. Can you help?
i am looking for the McSeveney Coat of arms?
I have a square of tartan that I bought for use as a fly plaid, but I can't find anywhere on-line instructions on how to fold and wear it. Please tell me the secret!?
My grandmother's name was Alloway. Could you tell me anything about it. I've been told it was Scottish and/or Irish?
My son is getting married and we'd like to add some Scottish tradition to the ceremony or reception. Any suggestions?
M girls are 2nd generation Gillis and 6th generation mcCallister on Irish side, what are the tartan colors for each?
What is the nplaid design for a "DUNN"?
Besides the modern Auchterlonie tartan, what are other options for the Auchterlonie clan? Thank you!?
is there a clan for the Adams family -?
Would a woman wear a fly plaid to a formal evening reception? if so what shoulder would the fly plaid be worn on?
I am going to marry a McCutcheon who is Scotch-Irish. What exact Tartan does this family use from MacDonald?
Why is there only a modern tartan for the Auchterlonie clan?
My family name is Hutchison; in some records I have found, my ancestor who first came to the US from Scotland in 1785 the spelling was Hutchinson, are such spelling variations common?
where would a grouse claw pin be worn and are there certain gemstones for a specific clan?
We have the last name McLallen and have always been told we have Highland Scot heritage. Would it be the MacLellan clan or just because it is that close in spelling does not necessarily mean we are from the MacLellan clan?
Is the name Miller Scottish, and if so what would the Tartan look like?
With the family name of Bell, a border clan, a sept of the Macmillian and some from Ireland. With no real way to detrmine where I came from, grand father jumped ship in New Orleans, any issues with claiming all three and being a tripple threat?
My mothers maiden name is Williamson, how do I determine what clan she would belong to?
my surname is Hayes what is my tarten?
I recently attended my first Highland Festival and noticed a number of solid "tartan? kilts. Is there significance to solid color kilts and when are they appropriate to wear?
what tartan is associated with mckinney name?
I have a do I find it's origin? name? clan?
My mothers maiden name is Fitch and I was told that it falls under the Ulster Tartan, how would I find out what clan etc.?
Please tell me what is the morris clan's colors and how can I order a scarf or other items with these colors?
My last name is Clyde. Do have any information on the name, tartan clan..perhaps a different variation to the name? any information would be greatful. perhaps tell me where to find information on my heritage. Thanks?
Is the name Montgomery a sept of another clan or are there septs with Clan Montgomery? What exactly is a sept anyway?
do you know about the young family?
What clan does the name Wheeler belong to?
What clan does the name Walker belong to?
You stated in another answer that most MCCutcheon's wear the MacDonald Clan Tartan. Could you tell which MacDonald Tartan would be appropriate to wear for period appropriate dress for the very early 1800's (1810-1812) Thanks!?
I understand the differences between dress tartan, hunting tartan and even ancient tartans, but why are there so many differences between the mills that produce the tartans, I'm a Montgomery and there are tartans that seem to be different just because th
I have a daywear dirk with a brown wood handle and black scabbard. I plan to wear it from a brown belt. Should I order a black or brown frog? Thanks.?
Can a fly plaid be worn on the right shoulder at a formal wedding allowing military medals to be worn on the left chest many thanks?
My fiance is a Wallace, descended from William Wallace. I've seen several tartan patterns that are considered "dress" tartans. Is there a dress tartan for the Wallace clan?
I'm a new piper, I would loike to know what is acceptable wear while playng publically or at family gatherings?
I am a Stewart but I want to know which tartan is for me to wear?
is it acceptable to wear a semi dress sporran with Bonnie Prince Charlie?
I haven't ever been able to find information about the last name MacThail (specifically Matthew MacThail), any thoughts?
I am a Mason and also Scottish rite Mason in the U.S. We are starting a Knights of St Andrew Unit. What is the story of the black Glengarry,s?
Should a broach be worn on a hat ? I have seen this before with feathers in the broach. If so what type of broach?
I am a Burnett with ancestors from Aberdeen. Where would I find their crest?
My paternal surname is White-which tartan please???
One branch of my family are MacGhees from Argyle.Apparently this group is NOT related to the MacKays.Any info?
Is it a little overkill to wear a fly plaid with an Argyle jacket/vest/kilt combo to an evening Scottish event???
Where was the original clan of Andrews from?
as far as colors for balmorals or Tams, was the sky blue color more popluar with the jacobites or highland regiments?. or both?
Some say the faux Renaissance style "highland" or "ghillie" shirts are inappropriate daywear with a kilt. Your thoughts and suggestions. What about a blazer with shirt and tie for evening with kilt, black belt, semi-dress sporran, gh
My grandmother's people were named Shaw: How can I find info re: badge? crest? etc?. Also, where can I purchase a Balmoral or Glengarry for my 6 year old granddaughter? Thank you.?
Where can I find a clan badge/crest for the Wallace clan?
Last Name MacGavin who are my clansmen and what is my tartan and crest? Thanks?
I am a McSeveney, what tartan should I wear?
My connection to scottish lineage comes from my mothers side. Her maiden name was Cook, and her mothers was Thompson. What tartan can I claim?
What is the proper way to fold and store a modern handmade kilt with buckles and straps?
My last name is Bell, one of the border reivers, does a border clan wear a kilt, is there a link to a highland branch,?
My maiden name is AUCHTERLONIE and my family is from ARBROATH. What clan do we belong to and what is our tartan ? Thanks !?
Hello, I'm seeking info/mdse associated with the surname Wakeling or Beswick (sp?) plaid/tartan. Many thanks for your time, Bonnie Williamson?
I am a MacGregor. Have been for generations - and MacDonald too by marriage. Do you have a castle guide for traveller's specifically for Scotland? Out-of-the way places too.?
My fiance is from Cambelltown, Scotland with the last name Munro, could you tell me anything about her ancestory?
My husband's family name is Reardon. Is there a history of information about it? Is their a tartan? If so, I'd like to see it.?
when affiliating youself with a specific clan heritage, when scottish ancestry is on both sides, is it more common to go with your fathers side or your mothers?
how common is it for retired military members to wear miniature medals with the price charlie jacket?.say, for a wedding.?
Ive traced my family back to a MacDonald from Ediburgh that came over around early 1800s. any idea which Macdonalds were likely to come thru ediburgh to the states? all of this is in the interest of determining which Macdonald clan he might have decended?
Is Bohannon a sept of Buchanan or just a different spelling?
My last name is Allen, My father has told me many times that our family migrated from Scottland and our origonal name was MacAllyen or some spelling of the sort can you elaborate any on this history? spelling, clans, ect.?
Is there a clan affiliation for McKinney?
I bought a blackwatch poly kilt from you, what do I need to do to clean it?
What is the correct sporran for a guest to wear with his charcoal Argyll jacket, white shirt, necktie, belt and plate in place of waistcoat, to an afternoon wedding and evening reception?
i am a mcculloch andc want to find my mom says the family is from the highlands!any info on to help in finding out what my proper crest and clan badge would be very appriciated thank you.?
Hi Mac. I am a Roberts which falls under the Robertson clan. There are several tartans to choose from and I am not sure which one would be most representative of the clan?
I wanted a Fly Plaid for my birthday and received a mini fly plaid as a gift from my wife... At first I thought she bought a sash. What's the deal with the "mini's"? Will I need a mini Kilt now? ...I don't want to hurt her feelings but I don't
What is the proper type of shirt to wear with my Prince Charlie Jacket for my wedding next Saturday? I live in San Diego and I'm desperate!?
I am a guest at a wedding and also have been invited to attend the rehearsal dinner, but I am not in the wedding party. Should I wear my Prince Charlie Jacket or my Argyle Jacket with my kilt?
My last name is Lowe, the farthest back I can trace my family history is to 1790 in New York City. My grandfathers mom was a Burns. What tartan should I buy to best represent my family heritage? Can you also give me alittle family or clan history?
I'm trying to find the correct tartan for "Thomson," not "Thompson." Yes, it IS a big deal, which I'm sure you know. Any help would be much appreciated!?
What would be a proper tartan to wear for a Dutch guy without any Scottish ancestors?
how do you say "Our Little House" in Scottish?
I'm trying to find the "photo gallery" on your site, but I can't. Can you please help? Thank you?
My last name is watkins (welsh) ut the scottish tartan authority finds a connection to clan buchanan. I know watt was a sept but wasnt aware of watkins being a sept as well? thoughts?
going on honeymoon to scotland in sept 2009. where would you recommend going. shes clan Kerr and Im clan Buchanan?
I might like to use Celtic designs on a grave marker. Where would I find samples and possible meanings of same?
Would you please give me some of the alternate spellings of the name Matloch that you answered in my last question? Is Mallock one of them?
your address?
My daughter's fiancee will be wearing a kilt. What should I , as mother of the bride, wear to the wedding?
My family's name was originally Matloch. Is there a tartan for this, and clan info would also be appreciated. Thank you.?
What website would show traditional and also modern Scottish interior decorating samples?
my great grandmother was Mary Catherine Ross - what tartans might I wear / decorate with?
were the Picts the first people to inhabit Scotland?
My grandparents came from Airdrie and their last names were Dunlop and Barnes. Could you tell me what clan and tartan would be appropriate for their heritage?
which is more suitable. 16 oz wool for sport coats or 13oz. What oz would you suggest for trousers?
my middle name is there a McCutcheon tartan?...If not what would be the closest one?
Trying to find the PSD Operation Iraqi Freedom #6877 Tartan. Do you know of anyone with products from this Tartan?
I need too know what kind of belt do I wear my macintosh clan belt buckle with?
How do you put a kilt on?
My name is Johnston,and i'm tryin to find my families tartan.Can you help?
What is the Scottish word for dad/daddy/father?
My father always told me we descended from Wales and of course the last name is Jones What are the most probably tartans??
My father told me I was of Scottish Irish decent our last name is Valentine My dad had sent for the Scottish coat of arms and did take me to the Scottish games when I was little My dad name is Valentine and my mothers name is White. Can you help me ?
My wife had lineage to the Forbes clan and we will be attending The Gathering 2009. I am not of Scottish ancestry. Can I wear the Forbes tartan or what should I wear in the Clan Parade?
is the DIRK knife....put into the top of the hose with the flashing....if not is there another knife worn in the knee wool hose....i thought that is where you put your DIRK knife????
What do I wear to a daytime wedding that doesn't look ridiculous with my boyfriends kilt? I don't usually wear black or white to a wedding?
What would be the clan crest for Smith? Smith? Chattan?
Grandfather from Glasgow looking for Tartan and Clan Crest for last name ERTMANN?
My family name is McAdams, whom are my Clansmen? and do we (McAdams) have a coat of arms?
Our family name is Sanderson. Which would be the correct tartan for our family?
Would like to purchase a tam in the MacDonald Lord of the Isles tartan in brushed wool. Would one be available?
What would be the clan crest for Harris?
Which tartan would the Richardson family choose?
what is thproper way to tye the gillies shoe lase?
My name is Renfroe and I live in the US. I have always been interested in finding out which clan tartan my family would utilize. I would like to order a kilt using this tartan?
Can kilts be ordered box pleated to the stripe rather than the more common knife pleats?
Who is entitled to wear the Stewart and Black Watch tartans. Some have told me that anyone of Scottish descent can wear these two. Are there others that are acceptable wear by multiple lineage Scots.?
Looking for anything connected with Weaver name (MacFarlane) tartan ,crest?
i want to purchase a scottish tam with a tassle on it . tartian plaid. where can i find one?
find name?
i am looking for a wright /mccart crest tartan and colers?
grandfather's name Duncan Stewart, grandmother Anne Ruthvan both from Dundee, Scotland How do I discover what the correct Stewart plaid is?
Do celtic women wear armbands and do the bands have a specific meaning?
Do you have a phone #?
i am looking for buchanan crest tartan and colors?
How do I use this Q&A?
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